Chino Hills Stone Masonry

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Stone masonry is a construction material that uses mortar and stone. This technique is used on building floors, foundations, retaining walls, columns, walls, and arches. The building technique uses natural rocks that have been cut and are dressed in the right shape for use in masonry construction. One of the strongest and most durable material is stone.

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Stone Masonry Materials

There are two kinds of materials that are commonly used in stone masonry. These are stone and mortar. The stone that is used in masonry should be tough, hard, and shouldn’t contain sand holes, cavities, and cracks. The choice of stone for a certain project will depend on what is available in the area. Some of the common types of stones include sandstone, limestone, marble, laterite, and granite.

The other material used in stone masonry is the mortar. Lime or cement is mixed with water and sand to create the mix used as masonry mortar. This mix should be uniform. When choosing a mortar, two factors should be considered: 

  • The needed strength
  • Stone color
  • The loads that the structure should bear

Stone masonry Classification

Stone masonry can be classified as rubble masonry and ashlars masonry. Let us look at each of these categories.

Rubble Masonry

This type of stone masonry uses stone that is either roughly dressed or undressed. These types of masonry projects have no uniform thickness. The rubble masonry’s strength will depend on the quality of the mortar used, proper mortar filling, and the use of long through stones.

Ashlars Masonry

This is a type of stone masonry where the stones are used cut or dressed in uniform sizes, shapes, and looks. These are usually laid in horizontal layers or courses with little mortar. The joints in this type of masonry have a thickness of 3 mm. The stone blocks should have the same size as the wall’s thickness.

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