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One of the most popular landscape elements that many homeowners and business owners invest in is retaining walls. Though retaining walls add beauty to your property, their functionality is incredible as these constructions have a massive positive impact on your property. Your property’s market value can be increased by constructing well-built retaining walls or replacing the existing retaining walls in your home.

When you are considering installing retaining walls on your property, you should always base your choice on the kind of material you want to use for construction and getting high-quality craftsmanship. A well-built wall will stand the test of time and the elements. Give us a call and prove our expertise as one of the best retaining wall contractors in the area. 

Retaining walls are versatile landscape elements that serve dual purposes being property protection and property beautification. Retaining walls are a simple way to increase your property’s aesthetics and helps you manage your land space. 

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Functions of Retaining Walls

Some great functions of a retaining wall on your property are: 

  • Retaining walls protect your property as they give support to any layer of moving soil. This helps prevent soil erosion, which can ultimately affect any building on your property. 
  • Retaining walls help create usable level soil surfaces to create gardens, entertainment space, or flower beds in your yard. 
  • Installing a retaining wall on your property will help with the flow of rainwater and prevent flooding, affecting the foundation of your building. 

The Basics of Installing a Retaining Wall

The most popular types of retaining walls are made of concrete, brick, and stone. The materials used and construction method employed in building your retaining walls are dependent on the location of your wall, the style or theme you’re aiming for, and how long you’d like for you retaining walls to last. Also, when choosing the kind of material you want for your wall, endeavor to go for the best quality as it will ensure the longevity of your walls. The better the material used, the longer the wall will stand, and you will get more out of your investment. 

Concrete retaining walls can be constructed using poured concrete or concrete blocks. Concrete blocks are the favored choice for most homeowners and business owners who opt for concrete retaining walls as such walls won’t succumb to gravity easily and can be given additional structural strength with mortar. 

Stone retaining walls are made of hewn stones either stacked dry without a binding agent or are wet-laid with mortar for added strength. Some natural stones are shaped just right and can be stacked by a skilled expert to form a sturdy wall.

Brick retaining walls are constructed using clay bricks that are bound together with mortar. These walls are usually quite durable and can be repaired easily.

Why You Need A Professional Retaining Wall Contractor

The constructing a durable retaining wall isn’t an easy or simple task as a lack of knowledge or skill will affect the result. If your wall isn’t built properly, it could pose a threat and cost you many repairs. This is why we at Pro Chino Hills Concrete recommend hiring only professionals to handle your retaining wall construction. 

If you plan to build retaining walls on your residential or commercial property, then hire an expert to take on the task because: 

  • An expert would understand such construction challenges and have the right skills, experience, and knowledge to ensure your project is executed and completed safely, on time, and budget. 
  • An expert or professional will know the right materials to use for your unique property needs to ensure that your funds don’t go to waste with less than durable walls. 
  • An expert will save you money and time because the right tools and techniques would be employed to construct your retaining walls from the very beginning.

When you engage the services of a professional retaining wall contractor, you are assured of a team with deep knowledge of the work and can offer you a correct estimate of your project’s entire cost. You will save time, money, and stress with the right retaining wall expert. Give us a call today and let us build retaining walls that will exceed your expectations. 

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