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In the recent past, we have seen an increase in the cost of living as many homeowners look into creating a finished basement to expand the square footage of their homes. This is turning out to be a great solution to the cramped quarters. However, adding a concrete wall in the basement will require special attention,

With the basement surrounded by soil that causes leakage of moisture through cracks or seeping through concrete, this can result in humid or damp conditions. Here are tips in adding a concrete call to your basement.

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Get a Permit Before Making Changes

Even though rules will defer depending on the location, you will most likely need a permit to add a concrete wall in your basement. Since a basement renovation will not be visible from the curb, some homeowners opt to skip the permit application process. However, this may result in a big fine if you are found out by the authority. Not having a permit can also prevent the fast sale of your property when the prospective buyer finds out that the property doesn’t match what is recorded in the county records.

Ensure that the Basement is Dry

At times, the cracks in your basement may not be visible, but you might still have moisture problems. If there is moisture and the walls are still dry, you may want to ask your masonry contractor to install drylock masonry waterproofer on concrete walls. To reduce the moisture, the mason may also put in place measures to keep away water from the foundation. These can include gutters installation. If there are visible leaks as well as standing water, waterproofing a basement wall, which can include cracks, fling may be necessary.

Make Allowance for Pipes and Wiring in a Concrete Wall

In case you are running power in a basement wall, you will need to find out from the local codes the number of outlets you should install and who has the permission to do the wiring. The existing pipes running inside the concrete basement wall can cause other problems. You can solve these problems by leaving these pipes in place and constructing new walls in the pipe.

Use Basement Materials for Your Concrete Walls

The new concrete walls should be built inside your current concrete walls. If the wood is touching the concrete, you should use the treated wood. If you intend to install drywall panels, you should go for a mildew and moisture resistant drywall. If you choose to insulate your basement walls, you should use foam board insulation, especially where this will get into contact with a concrete wall.

Avoid Creating a Tip-Up Wall for an Out of the Level Concrete Floor

A great way of building a wall is to build it on a floor before tipping it up. However, if your concrete floor is out of level, this isn’t the best way of doing it as the Wall may be too low or too high in areas already tipped up. It is advisable to ensure that the top plate has been attached to the ceiling joint. The bottom plate should then be installed on the concrete floor. The studs should then be individually cut to create a perfectly fitting wall.

Building a concrete wall requires a knowledgeable person and, therefore, you need to find a good and reliable concrete contractor. If you need one, get in touch with Pro Chino Hills Concrete at (909) 247-3648.

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