Chino Hills Concrete Pouring

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From walkways to patios, from pool decks to warehouse floors, concrete slabs are versatile elements used in residential, commercial, and industrial venues. A great concrete slab should be sturdy, durable, impermeable, offer thermal insulation, impact-resistant, and fire-resistant. For a concrete slab to have these great qualities, the task of mixing and pouring the concrete should be handled by professional concrete contractors who know the concrete is pouring like the back of their palms.

At Pro Chino Hills Concrete, we have a passion for concrete work, and that is why we put our best and beyond into every concrete job we handle. We are a full-service concrete contractor with well-trained concrete specialists, excellent knowledge, and vast concrete work experience. When we handle your concrete pouring job in Chino Hills, we make sure that your concrete slab offers maximum support to your structures and offers durability. 

Some contractors pour concrete slabs that would barely last the decade under heavy traffic and exposure to weather conditions. At Pro Chino Hills Concrete, we assure our clients that we will not only meet their expectations for their concrete mixing and pouring, but we will also exceed their expectations. Dial (909) 247-3648 for free quotes.

Some of our concrete services include but are not limited to:

  • Slab demolition
  • Slab repairs
  • New slab construction
  • Poured concrete slabs
  • Slab polishing 
  • Slab raising 

Importance of Good Quality Concrete Pouring

No two concrete slabs are the same as concrete slabs are affected by several factors:

  • the quality of raw materials used
  • the ratio of water to cement mix
  • the texture of the aggregate
  • age of concrete
  • temperature
  • humidity curing of concrete

At Pro Chino Hills Concrete, we guarantee our clients of the best quality of concrete slab. A good quality concrete slab has a smart design dependent on the slab’s thickness, reinforcement, and finishing of the slab to suit site conditions and requirements. 

A good quality concrete slab is a perfect base for just about anything, ranging from a driveway to an industrial complex. Seeing as concrete slabs are versatile, a great slab should support different weights of various objects. At Pro Chino Hills Concrete, we take pride in our excellent craftsmanship that we employ to complete all concrete pouring jobs to ensure the end product slabs are of the best quality. 

Steps To Ensuring Great Concrete Pouring

Our concrete professionals have excellent knowledge of concrete mixing and pouring to ensure that the concrete slab is sturdy and resistant to cracks and settlement by following these four steps: 

Sub Base Preparation

The first course of action when pouring concrete is to start by preparing the sub base to make sure the sub base is cleared and compacted, and also can support the weight of the concrete slab that would be poured. 

Setting The Form

The next step is to construct the form from wood. This form is what would contain the poured concrete and give the concrete the desired shape. 

Pouring The Concrete

Concrete is poured into the form, and the finishing process of smoothing out or texturing the concrete slab begins.

Curing The Slab

The final step, which is essential to your concrete slab’s quality, is the slab’s curing after it has been poured. Concrete, depending on the thickness, could take weeks or months to cure properly. 

Why Work With Us

Working with us is a sure way to avoid concrete slab issues as your project will be handled by concrete professionals with years of experience equipped with the right training, equipment, and methods. Ensure that your home or business gets great concrete services by contacting Pro Chino Hills Concrete to take care of your concrete needs. 

Our services also include concrete repairs to upgrade your venue and give you value for your money. At Pro Chino Hills Concrete, we do our best to provide all our clients with concrete slabs that would surpass their expectations and give more than 100% value. 

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