Chino Hills Concrete Leveling

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The process of laying a concrete foundation isn’t easy because you can find it hard to get a smooth and straight surface. To do that, you will need to ensure that you have the right leveling tools, whether they are for domestic or commercial purposes. This will ensure that your concrete is completely level.

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Tools Needed for Concrete Leveling


As the name suggests, the role of a level is to ensure that you have a flat surface. For the concrete to be completely level, you need to ensure that your subbase is completely straight and doesn’t have uneven surfaces for raised angles. A long line level can ensure that the surface has been completed as per the specifications before concrete pouring. This also makes it possible to check concrete after pouring.


The role of a screed is to remove any excess concrete from the surface, leaving you with a level and smooth surface. Screeds are quite useful when it comes to leveling poured concrete surfaces, especially when these have set unevenly.

Tape Measure

The tape measure’s role is to confirm if the dimensions are accurate and the depth that has been dug of the concrete surface. Before concrete pouring, the slab depth should be measured to ensure that it has equal dimensions. This way, the concrete will be level after setting.


A trowel plays an important role in concrete leveling. Some of its roles include leveling a surface and ensuring that the surface color has blended well. Its small size can easily maneuver tight corners, such as in steps and next to walls. There is no expensive or high tech equipment needed in these finishing steps. A simple trowel can be a practical and useful tool for the process.


The compactor is aimed at ensuring that the subbase gets into position. When using a sub-base like gravel or stone for concrete, you will need to ensure that this has been pressed in place, and there are no loose stones that can result in cracks or uneven surfaces. The compactor can press stones into tight positions so that the subbase is well prepared for the concrete pouring.

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