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After pouring, coloring, and maybe stamping your concrete floors for your patios, driveways, parking lots, courtyards, etc., the final stage of project completion is finishing your concrete surface. So whether you just laid down a new driveway or renovated your patio, finishing your project matters. 

Concrete finishes are a necessity because not only do they add extra beauty to your concrete surfaces, they can also make your concrete surface last longer and be safer to use. 

When you are considering your concrete finishing, it is recommended that you take certain factors to mind as they can affect the ease of finishing and your concrete floor’s strength. When mixing cement, we at Pro Chino Hills Concrete recommend that your mix has at least sixty percent aggregate to ten percent of cement and fifteen percent water. The ratio is a very important factor that can make your concrete stronger and less susceptible to cracking. Dial (909) 247-3648 for excellent concrete finishing services in Chino Hills.

Types of Concrete Finishing Available

Here are the most commonly employed types of concrete finishing you can use on your concrete surfaces: 

1. Troweled Finish

After pouring the concrete, the mix is flattened with a screed, and a trowel is used to create a very smooth surface. This is usually done by hand when the worker is skilled or can be done by machine for a quicker, more accurate finishing. 

2. Broom Finish

This finishing type is pretty basic as it involves using a special broom to give a smoothened concrete surface a slightly rough finish. This finishing is great when you need a little traction on your surface. 

3. Exposed Aggregate Finish

An exposed aggregate finishing for your concrete surface requires mixing aggregates such as granite, river stones, and even seashells into your cement mix. Afterward, the mix is poured, and the top of the concrete is washed away to reveal the aggregate in the mix. This finishing type is great because it is beautiful and safe, seeing as the exposed aggregate makes it non-slip. 

4. Salt Finish

A concrete salt finish is am easy and affordable method of making a basic concrete surface look great. When the concrete has been poured, coarse rock salt is pressed into the pour’s surface and set. Once the concrete is set, the surface is washed with a stream of water to dislodge and wash away the salt, leaving behind an interesting non-slip texture.

5. Stamped Concrete Finish

This finishing method is the most popular as it is inexpensive and can make concrete look like more costly materials such as stone, wood, or brick. With this method, the concrete is poured, then panels with designs are pressed on the surface then removed to transfer the panel’s design to your concrete surface.

6. Stained Concrete

Stained concrete is a finishing that involves coloring concrete either with pigments, dyes, or acids. With pigments and dyes, these are added into the cement mix before pouring. Acid stains are used when the concrete has been poured. The concrete reacts to the acid as the acid etches the surface lightly and gives the concrete an earthy tone. 

7. Polished Concrete

When a professional concrete contractor handles your concrete flooring job, they can employ floor grinding equipment and their wealth of experience to create a high-gloss finish on your concrete surfaces. This type of finishing gives your concrete a luxurious appearance and requires minimal maintenance.

Choosing The Right Concrete Finishing

At Pro Chino Hills Concrete, we understand that every project is unique and requires a unique application. We can recommend the perfect finishing for your concrete patio, pool deck, outdoor kitchen, or driveway that would add beauty to your home and increase the efficiency of your home or business. Every type of finishing has its unique benefits and can be applied to suit a particular area with a particular function. 

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