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Granite is a rock that is created underground after magma has cooled. This rock is mined in quarries, while the mined pieces referred to as slabs. The slabs are usually taken to fabricators where they are finished in preparation for use in residential as well as commercial premises. Due to the hardness and durability of granite, it is now commonly used to make countertops. Granite is also used by homeowners to enhance the look and feel of their kitchens. Here are some reasons why granite countertops are better than concrete countertops.

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Pros of Granite Countertops

Some of the reasons why you should consider granite for your outdoor countertops include:

Add Value

One of the benefits of granites is that it is unique. It comes with individual colors, patterns, and lines. This uniqueness ensures that you can have a kitchen installation that you will not find in any home. There are over 20 shades of granite, and it is always possible to find something that meets the needs of your kitchen cabinets, walls, and floorings.


While granite isn’t unbreakable, it can last for many years and is a hard surface that doesn’t scratch easily. Granite is the only material that can’t be easily scratched.

Heat Resistant

Granite can resist heat and is, therefore, a good choice for use in the kitchen. When hot pans or pots are placed directly on the countertop, granite will not be weakened or damaged.


Granite is also stain resistant. As long as your granite countertops are well sealed, they will not absorb liquids. It is advisable to work with a professional who will ensure the proper sealing of granite if it maintains its attractive look in the long-run.

Cons of Granite Floors

There are several drawbacks of concrete countertops. These include:

Prone to Cracking

Although granite countertops are very durable, they have a higher risk of chipping than stone. When a heavy object is dropped on them, they will crack. You may need to fix any damage or crack.

Cold to Lean on

A common complaint that homeowners have against granite countertops is that they are very cold to lean on. This happens because the granite mass tends to pull heat away from the skin, making your feel cold. The good news is that you can install a thin stick-on mat under the counter to solve this challenge.


On top of the professional cost of a concrete contractor, granite countertops can be expensive as compared to concrete countertops, or even stone countertops. Bear in mind that thicker slabs will cost more. Whether you need a concrete countertop, stone countertops, or granite countertops, you can rely on Pro Chino Hills Concrete for professional installation. Call us today at (909) 247-3648.

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