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Finding the perfect hardscape contractor is not an easy responsibility. You have to make sure that they possess all the skills, have knowledge of equipment, and understand your vision. But here’s great news– we tick all the boxes! At Eastvale Concrete and Masonry, we are a group of masons and craftsmen who work hard daily to provide the best services for our clients. So if you are from Eastvale or the nearby regions and have a concrete project at hand, hire us today!

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Concrete and Masonry Contractor

We are the leading concrete contractor in Eastvale, California, thanks to our long list of happy customers. For making the landscape of your dreams, we offer a lengthy list of services. Whether you like concrete, stone, or brick, we can handle all three of them with equal proficiency. Before delving into the list, let’s give you a little idea about the materials. Concrete is, of course, the most popular material for all constructions. It is inexpensive, easily available, and offers a lot of reliability and stability. Stone, on the other hand, is a bit expensive, and dealing with them is quite difficult. Stones are hard to ship and need a lot of care and maintenance even after installation. However, the finish of the stones is amazing. Finally, let’s talk about bricks. During the making, bricks are heated at a high flame, and they naturally become heat resistant. The reddish hue of brick adds an earthy texture to your landscape, which surely looks great. The final decision is yours. If you need any help in deciding which material would be the most suitable for your property, please contact us, and our experts will help you out with your query. 

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Not fond of your old, bland driveway anymore? Build a new concrete driveway for your home and watch how your entire landscape looks more alluring. You can also opt for stone or brick driveways if you wish. And if you want to go for concrete, you can use decorative concrete to recreate the looks of stones, tiles, and bricks on your surface, without spending tons of money. 


People mostly prefer to have pavers installed on their patio. You can choose concrete, brick, or stone pavers. Concrete pavers are ergonomic and look beautiful, but stones and bricks look amazing too. Depending on your budget and personal preference, you can choose a material for your patio. You can also make optimum use of decorative concrete, colored concrete, or stained concrete to make your patio look dreamy and ethereal. 


An essential part of your kitchen is the countertop. Marble, Granite, Quartzite, etc. are extremely popular for making countertops, but concrete is not lagging. Concrete offers steadiness, heat-resistance, durability, and affordability. Moreover, the color and design options are numerous. 


Don’t forget to deck up your sidewalks! They are an important section of your hardscape, and a beautifully decorated sidewalk can add value and visual appeal to your property. 

Why Hire Us? 

  • We are armed with an efficient team with a great wealth of knowledge, ability, and expertise over concrete and masonry related works. 
  • Our primary goal is to deliver the best services for our customers. We like to communicate clearly with our clients to ensure that their vision gets reflected in the outcome of the project. 
  • We give a complete guarantee for our services. We ensure that the concrete or masonry structures are highly durable and resilient. 
  • Our experts have a deep understanding of aesthetics too. So you can completely entrust us with making the most visually pleasing landscape for your property.

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